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Sarajevo Food Dictionary presents: Ice Cream at Egipat

In the center of the city, on the main street of Ferhadija, there is a small confectionery that, since 1949, is the sweetest symbol of Sarajevo. They sell a variety of cakes, but they are mostly proud of is vanilla ice cream.

Imagine now the taste of vanilla ice cream. You have?! Well, that’s not that taste of this ice cream. You can not try this taste of ice cream anywhere else. The original recipe is kept a secret in a family.

The most essential  characteristics of every ice cream are taste and texture. Ice cream can be watery or creamy, made of natural ingredient or a set of chemically-obtained aromas.

Ice cream in Egypt is prepared manually and only with natural ingredients which gives it an extra value. „Egyptian vanilla“ is the taste that you will never forget, resembling a caramel and is incredibly creamy. For a long time vanilla was the only taste of ice cream you could buy there, but recently, hazelnuts, chocolate and fruity tastes were introduced, and are made on the same principle.

What makes this ice cream even more special is that it can not be bought all through the year. The ice-cream season lasts from May 15th to October.

The interior of the confectionery is authentic Sarajevo during 1960s. There is an option to order the ice cream and sit inside and eat it out of the metal bows, but if you want to taste tradition in a proper way, put it a cone and walk down the streets of Sarajevo. If you are citizen of Sarajevo, try to visit this place often, and let tradition an oportunity to get stronger, and if you are a tourist, you should know that it is said that you did not visit Sarajevo  if you did not eat ćevapi on Baščaršija and then eat an ice cream in Egypt.

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