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Sarajevo Food Dictionary presents: Housewife and three dwarfs

It is not very often in life you get to meet a person who creates something out of love, with a smile on her face and with the support of her family. Such a positive environment creates an atmosphere in which productivity is a natural state and a lot of beauty can emerge in the form of products that can change the course of everyday life.

Sarajevo food dictionary introduces you Domaćica i tri patuljka (Housewife and the Three Dwarfs), a cheerful team that throws up tasty treats from their workshop. This team, with a fairy tale title, is made up of three children – the dwarves, and their mom – housewife. She strives to show cooking as a wonderful joint process through which indispensable memories are created. “Children like to participate, and I like them to spin around me, to learn and then to be proud of what they have done with their hands.”

On the menu of this small production you can find: brownie cake, muffins with blueberries, cheesecake cake, apple tart and cream puffs, which this housewife loves to prepare. She is most proud of them, loves to prepare them, to look them in the oven, even the stress whether the dough will or will not rise is a part of sweet suffering … A deliciously crunchy dough, a cream that meets all the expectations and at the end of powder sugar. This dessert is first eaten eyes.

When something is created with so much love and attention, praise and acknowledgment find the way. After it started sharing pictures of tasty cakes on social networks, people started asking if they can order. She often wondered what it would feel like to do something you loved, and then realized that she might be doing that. In one hand, the cake making process is an antistress therapy of everyday life. Along with the cakes, in which she invested a lot of love and effort, she wanted to offer a personal seal, as something that would further cheer you up when you get a door order. And that’s the packaging. The cakes are delivered in a beautiful box with a logo that reflects dedicated work and harmony with its colours and motifs, and when you open the box you will be welcomed by a bunch of wonderful, fragrant and extraordinary cakes.

In addition to the cake and the packaging that will surely take your breath away, the most striking thing is the story behind it, which is truly a joint effort and work, and of course the love that is being invested so that everyone is happy when they eat cake and thus pass positive the energy that this small factory of happiness produces with full steam.

“I remember cooking and cake making that I have done with my mom and grandmother, and those are some of the favourite memories I have. I hope my dwarves will have them too. ”


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