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Sarajevo Food Dictionary presents: Souffle from 4 rooms of Mrs. Safija

There are few people in the city who do not know about 4 rooms of Mrs. Safija. Beautifully furnished interior, and if you pay attention to furniture and lights, you will notice that they are set to present a stage that is ready to present the biggest star of this restaurant – perfectly prepared and served food.

Want to know where in Sarajevo you can order and really get food prepared and served according to the highest standards? Right here. The passion of this bistro are just the finest dishes that can be obtained by combining the fresh ingredients, that come in each day, and the skills, which were acquired with experience.

Dining at BistroNomie is among the gastronomic dining choices that preceded careful selection of dishes from an ever-growing repertoire of recipes. Buying of good, preferably local products that fit with the recommendations you are presented by staff, describing the combinations that express the appetite, as well as the selection of wines that blend with the selected menus and a table that is sophisticately set.

The menu is formed up as a combination of ingredients that were bought on that day, so let the staff present you the offer of that day. By deciding this you will not make a mistake. It is a place highly ranked in the class of wine & dine restaurants.

The dish we want you to recommend in this article is a chocolate souffle, served according to standards required by a first-class French dish. This whole dessert gives you an interesting experience through all the contrasts of tastes and textures you go through.

Although it sounds like a simple dish, this dessert delights with the textures you get served in front of you. The cake is soft, which is an evidence that the task of the chef is done to the full and successful, because the French souffler means to breathe, to inflate. In addition to the warm chocolate part of the dessert, there is purée made of raspberries, which gives a contrast to sour sweet taste to sweet chocolate. The chocolate part of the cake is hot, the ideal contrast to it is ice cream, laid on the crunchy texture of nuts.

Eat, drink and relax. It is a motto in which you will begin to believe from the moment of entry into this local. All they provide is the incentive that everything you eat is delicious, everything you drink is in harmony with food and atmosphere, so relaxation can only be the next step. And this is appreciated and that is the state you always like to return to.

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