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Sarajevo Food Dictionary presents: Franz & Sophie

Ancient cultures used to find the quintessence and wisdom in tea. Unfortunately, in our cultures tea is used only in the event of a disease or cold. The reason is that the value of the tea is unknown as well as the whole world of this beverage that is hidden. Franz & Sophie is a high quality tea shop, the first in Sarajevo, and also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their motto is to show that health and pleasure go hand in hand with each other.

Breaking the stigma on teas contributes choice, as well as information that the product is bought from the most prestigious manufacturers of the world. Of course, staff of Franz & Sophie does not wander in the dark, each tea is carefully selected.  Behind this team’s work is a great education. Adnan Smajić, who is by ‘first’ profession a MD, decided to turn to his instinctive love – teas, and thus became the first Bosnian-certified Sommelier for Teas.

FUNFACT: Did you know that black and green tea were made from the same plant and that they differ only in the treatment of leaves?

The interior is equipped with a large assortment of porcelain and another dish that is used to prepare or serve tea. Teaspoons, cups, tea storage tanks, strainers, filters, teacup heaters … all this is very much used to enjoy tea as well as original gift ideas. Choose to be the person who will reveal spacious world of tea to someone.

Next to tea, Franz & Sophie offers a variety of organic spices. You can also find a mix for mulled wine, which when you try it for the first time, opens up a new dimension of taste and smell. Here you can also try pink latte, as well as golden milk.

When you come to Franz & Sophie you will be welcomed by Adnan, and the beautiful aromas of freshly made tea. It is important to emphasize that here you can always try any of the teas. The teas are in metal boxes on wooden shelves. Paper labels on each box list the ingredients of that tea. You would be surprised to see the range of ingredients – pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cherries, ginger, lemon grass, exotic flowers …

Black labels on a box are for black teas, those labels with green colour are reserved for green teas, and those with red for rooibos. Of course there are over 250 kinds of teas here that we will leave for you to discover.

FUNFACT: Do you know that rooibos is not tea, but a bushy plant, whose leaflets look like a tiny thorn, that when flooded in hot water, make a red liquid of sweet smell, which has many health benefits. Rooibos has no caffeine in it so you can drink it before bed time.

Visit and fly around this space and relax with the smells and tastes of tea, as well as the tea library, which completes the whole experience.



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