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Sarajevo Food Dictionary recommends: Džandar baklava from Baklava dućan

Baklava is the queen of Bosnian-Herzegovinian sweet dishes and that is a commonly known fact. The exact origins are mixed with a few assumptions, but it is considered that the first baklavas were made by Assyrians with a lot of thicker phyllo dough. The Greeks introduced innovation, and they started to make thiner phyllo dough, and the Turks brought this dessert to the throne, combining tastes and ways of preparation.

What is less known is that there is an autochthonous Sarajevo baklava – džandar baklava. The process of preparing the phyllo dough for the fil is long lasting, and it takes a great deal of expertise to fall as it should. Patience, practice and dedication are what is the absolute price of the triumph when it comes to perfect džandar baklava.

The recipe is jealously guarded in old Sarajevo families, which, by maintaining tradition, contribute to the culture of a nation. Cultivating tradition this long has been a great honor and success. Such a story refers to the Tulek family, who has developed a business or better to say the promotion of this sweets, which was really necessary.

What distinguishes džandar baklava from other baklavas is its first appearance, which is a long-standing preparation for it. All ingredients are natural, and just like they used 200 years ago. The phyllo dough is manually manufactured, then it is ‘tucked’ on a rolling pin and dried for at least two days. Once it reaches the dryness needed for further processing, the phyllo dough is removed from the rolling pin, baked and agda is poured over. After being cooled, the phyllo dough rolls are filled with ground walnuts or almonds mixed with sweet cream. Real delicacy!

Baklava shop is a special place. There is a story about every detail that appears in this interior. On the shelves you can find a cookbook from 1944, explaining in detail how this baklava and other sweet things are done. Quiet on the speakers you can hear sevdalinka, and you can always talk to the staff to find out all that interests you about this and other Sarajevo deserts.

There are not a lot of people in Sarajevo and beyond who can make džandar baklava according to the rules made hundred years ago, and only as such it presents the genetic material of this city. And it is not only the taste that this dessert brings, it is not only the art of making this baklava that borders with art, but the will and the strength to present and popularize such a souvenir of the old days in its original form, this is what separates Baklava dućan from others and makes it worthwhile of every recommendation.

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