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Sarajevo Food Dictionary recommends: Penne al’arrabbiata from Vapiano

In matter of food, Italy is very special country regarding choice of ingredients and ways of preparation of the most delicious traditional dishes. How not to be, in the group of Italian specialties are the most desirable dishes of today: pizza, pasta, risotto, bruschetta and the most timeless desserts served with the most delicious Italian cafe. Just thinking about these meals makes your day better.

Vapiano is doing just that. From the wonderful fresh ingredients, what Vapiano does is trying to show Italy in the most beautiful light and create and retain new and old loyal followers of this powerful food chain that is present in 31 countries around the world with 175 restaurants.

The whole experience begins by going in and taking the card, using it for ordering drinks and food, which you are paying at the exit. Vapiano has created a world in which your only obligation is to relax and enjoy the scents and flavours of Italy. At the Vapiano Restaurant, take the time and slow down your life, because the word Va-piano itself means ‘go slowly’.

The restaurant is spacious. Unique decorations. Old olive tree is an inevitable part of the décor, as well as the herbs and spices that are on the tables. Guests are offered a unique concept: they have the opportunity to interact with the chefs and personalize their meal according to their wishes.

The dish we recommend from Vapiano is penne al’arrabbiata. Message that Vapiano gives through each meal is that happiness is in the simplicity, taste and freshness of the ingredients. In al’arrabbiata you have all this. The meal consists of six ingredients: phenomenal tomato sauce, garlic, chilli, first class olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan. It is important in which order ingredients are put, which staff of Vapiano, also called Vapianists, are aware of, and then hypnotize you by combining these ingredients, giving you the impression that you, as a guest, actually cooked, using their hands to prepare your meal.

Vapiano does not own a central plant for production of ingredients, all for the purpose of transparency in preparation. Every Vapiano in the world is designed in a way that it has a manufactory that is all in glass and in the middle of the restaurant, and every day makes fresh pasta, pizza pastry, as well as all sauces and pestos.

The playfulness of Italian culture, simplicity in preparation and selection of ingredients, top quality cakes and first-class espresso is a description of the everyday life of Vapiano. If you want a distraction from a busy life and obligations, come here, because many different moods and problems can be solved with good pasta or tiramisu.

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