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SFD presents: Micro mustard – Greens – microgreens and spices

Microgreens appeared in the 1980s in restaurants in California. Their flavor is aromatic, they have concentrated nutrients, and come in various colors and textures. Colors are the main reason restaurants are so attracted to tem and ofcourse also because they give a phenomenal flavor to the dish – different colors of leaves and stems bring an irreplaceable visual and overallexperience.

The taste is intense, so for example, the radish is more hot than the grownup plant, and the carrots are sweeter. Depending on the taste, you can use the microgreens as salad, decoration on a plate, in sandwiches, with sausages, blended up in dressings … the sky is the limit when you get walk into this world. It’s also a great decoration in kitchens, because when you decide to buy one of these plants, buy it together with a potter, and cut the amount needed when necessary.

Microgreens are similar to the baby’s vegetables in a matter of stems and leaves wich are considered edible, but as opposed to baby greenery, microgreens are also sold before harvest, meaning that you can buy them entirely, cut, consume and keep them alive. Of course each subsequent batch is of less intensity in taste.

In offer, Greens Micropovrće (Microvegetables) and herbs have a wonderful micro mustard. The leaves of this plant are light green and oval shaped. You can use it in salads, as an appetizer with roasted fish in sandwich because it has a bitterly-hot aroma, and as its name says, the taste reminds the mustard.

Microgreens are very suitable for growth, as they can be grown in different places, including the open, in greenhouses and even in the window sills. So hurry up in one of the selling spots of Greens Microvegetables and buy your little garden, decorate your plate, kitchen and everyday health.

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