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SFD presents: Kantar Homemade – Process of making Kantar products

Homemade jams, sweet, syrups … The first association is the fall, the warmth of the home, the smell of grandma’s cake, pleasant memories, or at least pleasant feelings that overwhelm us.

The processes that Kantar uses to make their products are in the first place traditional, and the fruits are long-boiled in their juices so that they retain tastes and aromas. There are no additives that will speed up the process as well as some supplements that will try to fool your palate.

These are first-class marmalades. They are packed in 370 ml pots, which symbolically tells us that the products are made for moments of genuine enjoyment of the right fruit, prepared in that way so that it can last for a whole year.

Does marmalade have added sugar? Of course they have, but that’s just because the traditional recipes and those who have shown themselves as the procedures that extract most of the fruits in a natural way are followed. It is important to know that sugar is a natural preservative, and is only put in order to preserve the product in its original form. Sugar can be replaced by some chemical compounds that will carry out the conservation process, but such a decision collapses the balance and philosophy that Kantar Homemade develops and monitors.

Each product is made according to our old recipes. No step in making the Kantar Homemade product is automated, but only done manually and with care. This restricts the number of pots.

Have you ever suspected in the quality of a marmalade made by your aunt, mom or grandmother? Of course not. Kantar Homemade has allowed us access to sweet winter stores throughout the year without the cooking process being done on our own.


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