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SFD presents: Micro broccoli – Greens – microgreens and spices

In this edition of the SFD presents to you, we will continue the story of the microgreens, namely micro-broccoli and their health benefits.

Because of its high content of antioxidants, microgreens are considered to be functional food, food that promotes health and prevents diseases.

Consuming all kinds of herbal products is associated with a reduced risk of many health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Plant-based foods also support healthy skin, increased energy, lower weight and longer life expectancy.

Greens – microgreens and spices in they offer have micro broccoli. Recommended by health professionals, nutritionists and other persons conscious of health, micro broccoli, as well as other microgreens, are true health reservoirs. Broccoli, let’s be honest, as the vegetables doesn’t taste overwhelmingly good but their health benefits are unbelievable: a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin K, full of fibers … Instead of trying to prepare broccoli right or trying to hide their taste, take scissors and cut a stem of micro broccoli and put them in your salad.

Because of too much obligation, many people, pay little or no attention to nutrition in the food they are consuming and do not get to eat the recommended amount of vegetables and fruits a day. Also other than the personal responsibility of not consuming enough vegetables, there are other reasons, including access, price and how practical for preparation are the vegetables that are offered to us. Microgreens are small, and they can be grown at home in a small space and provide a huge return in terms of nutrition.

Greens – microgreens and spices does exactly that – offers you a great selection of microgreens that are ready to go home with you at affordable prices.

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