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Zelena dolina – mjesto gdje žive zaboravljene vrijednosti

Organic, simple and traditional. These are certainly three values ​​that should in fact be something that is implied, but unfortunately, today, it is very difficult to find them.

Noise pollution has become something we have embraced as our everyday life without any particular moves to change it.

For the reasons listed above, the Zelena dolina (Green Valley) restaurant is distinguished from others and creates its own category of places you need to visit frequently.

In this episode, SFD will present you we will write a bit about the qualities that create added value, which are very difficult to achieve, and are even more difficult to keep.

Zelena dolina, rusticly decorated restaurant, place cut off from city noise and dust, is one of the few outlets in Sarajevo and beyond, which provides its visitors with peace and quality. Why do we dare to be so sure of what we write? The garden can be accessed directly from the entrance, as well as through the open portals of the interior. When you enter the garden, you start to walk on small white stones, which immediately after the arrival begin to give a break of smell and color of city concrete. A large part of the garden is restaurant. The tables are not arranged close to each other, which ensures the privacy of each visitor. Above the tables stretches beautiful white pergola, designed to protect you from the sun and provide a pleasant shade.

Part of the garden is reserved for the youngest. A children’s playground is placed, and it occupies every child’s attention and gives parents a little break and allows them to enjoy the meal.

The third segment of the garden is a garden with vegetables and herbs, which is used in the kitchen of this restaurant in the preparation of dishes. Onions, peppers, tomatoes, mint, basil … And you just can feel the aroma of fresh in the dishes you ordered. Here we go back to the beginning of our text – traditionally vegetables were picked just before use, traditionally spices were just picked or dried by housewive’s hands – this is a practice that is practiced in the Zelena dolina, and that is the energy you always like to return.

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