SFD vam predstavlja: Greens – mikropovrće i začinsko bilje – Benefiti mikropovrća – Sarajevo Food Dictionary

SFD vam predstavlja: Greens – mikropovrće i začinsko bilje – Benefiti mikropovrća

Micro, delicious, fresh, crispy, colorful, healthy … So many words come to mind to describe the Greens Microgreens. Up to now, most of them were used by cooks in top restaurants to decorate and add color and surprising tastes to food they are serving. However, these small plants, whose popularity is growing rapidly, are beginning to find the way to homemade dishes.

Malnutrition, obesity and lack of minerals or vitamins are no longer problems that only occur in developing countries. All these are today’s illnesses, which are difficult to fight because of life which is too fast, and we do not have enough time to prepare food and simple account of what we are putting in our bodies during the day. Lack of concentration, bad sleep or bad digestion, are all some of the symptoms that are primarily linked to nutrition.

We are aware that it is easy to talk about changing nutrition easily, but Microgreens can be a very simple way to help us in this quest for a healthy life.

In this episode we will present you red cabbage as a microgreen. This plant is definitely one of the most used because of the color it contains, but also because of the benefits it carries in everyday life. Its leaf is green and the petal is purple. It lowers down triglyceride levels, and automatically reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Micro cabbage is full of useful vitamins (C, K) of minerals and other nutrients. It is rich in fiber, beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine and sulfur.

Put them in a sandwich for an unforgettable crunchy feeling, or in a smoothie, or maybe in a salad … The taste is excellent, but not dominant, allowing you to mix it with many other tastes, and in doing so, you inject a wide variety of healthy components almost unconscious.

Thanks to Greens, we can now have a small garden in our kitchen, and plenty of vitamins and high-nutritional value plants at your fingertips.

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