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SFD vam predstavlja: Kantar Homemade – Slatka, marmelade i sirupi

In this episode of the story of Kantar Homemade, let us bring you closer all the products that this wonderful local handicraft is producing.

Wide range of marmalades that you can buy and make your day more beautiful for yourself. Jams produced by Kantar Homemade are made of blackberry, blueberry, strawberry or raspberry, and by using all the traditional procedures, they are raised to a higher level.

We will highlight marmalade made of blackberry, that has a real positive effect on health. It contains a lot of antioxidants as well as four times more vitamins C than oranges. The taste of this marmalade is juicy and sweet with a slight acidity. It improves the general condition of the organism, and it is a great luxury to have it throughout the year. But by using the jams that Kantar makes, it’s more than possible.

Of the more unusual marmalades that Kantar Homemade produces, there are lemon, orange and kiwi marmalades. You can’t find them everywhere, which is why they are worth highlighting them in this gallery of flavours. Exotic flavours, fragrant aromas, visions of warm summer nights are the experiences that these jams give you. They are ideal served for breakfast with a hot tea.

At a time when traditional was more practiced, there was no house or pantry that had no natural juices, but made from real fruit without chemical additives. Such juices were invaluable and of course very healthy to consume. Kantar Homemade offers a variety of syrups of various herbs such as elderberry, sage, mint, lemon … Every herbs is untreated with chemical products.

Each jar and bottle is made with love and care, and as such they present a gift to you so you can share those feelings on a Sunday breakfast or a pleasant afternoon get-together with your loved ones.

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