SFD vam predstavlja: Naše knedle – Koja je vaša nadraža knedla? – Sarajevo Food Dictionary

SFD vam predstavlja: Naše knedle – Koja je vaša nadraža knedla?

Bistrik 19 is a place where with the dedication and care incredibly delicious dumplings are made. How can we say something like this with such a certainty?
Following the response of the people, and the increasing audience that accompanies this family business, we must say that at the core of this business is quality, and value that people simply recognize.
In this episode SFD introduces you, we will be writing about the flavors Naše knedle offer to their visitors.
They started with traditional plum dumplings, then tested the recipe on Nutella, and today they have 17 flavors that capture the look and taste. All fruit dumplings are made of Bosnian fruits, without chemical additives. We have to mention white chocolate dumplings served in blueberry sauce. And as if that wasn’t enough, the dumpling itself was rolled in crumbs of white chocolate. Sounds like a dream.
During hot and summer days, Naše knedle decided to offer summer flavors as well. One of the new flavors are dumplings with apricot. Sounds too simlle? The taste of apricot is complex – it is sweet and slightly acidic in the distance. Ideal dessert for a summer day.
This patisserie has shown its skill in pairing flavors in its famous Snikers dumpling. It is a peanut butter dumpling, with banana and chocolate wrapped in crunchy caramel and served with ice cream.
Here’s a suggestion: Take one afternoon, walk to Naše knedle and enter the world of home-made dumplings that have the power to brighten up every day.

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