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Although in the city center, Luka Sarajevo has its own privacy and peace in which you always want to return to. The space is fulfilled with domestic seafood kitchen smells, so you at first smell you know you did not make mistake by coming here. As soon as you enter this place you will immediately […]

Although known by cakes, Mrvica offers a wide range of bakery products, which with their appearance, smell and taste are high on the list of other bakery products which can be found in other bakeries in Sarajevo. Donuts from Mrvica will be especially respected by those who have ever come in life in face with […]

In the city of coffee and sweets, it is quite demanding to stand out. Espresso lab is located in the center of the city, which is one of those modern cafeterias, visited by people who do not talk too loud and respect others privacies. On the left side, when entered, there is a fridge with […]

There is little or no chance that if you live in Bosnia or Herzegovina or in the surrounding area, or you have come to visit this country, that you have not tried the bey’s soup. This is quite popular dish, and if its ingredients taken into consideration it is one of the healthiest. The streets […]

This place you have to like. From the moment you enter the place, you are welcomed by a very professional, yet friendly, personal, to the interior and to the food and drinks they serve. Blind tiger is a cocktail and burger bar, so in one visit you should try both and create one tasty memory. […]

Druga kuća is simply a place where you have a feeling you have been invited by an old friend who longed for your visit. Maybe this is because when translated in English, name of this restaurant is The other house. Wide airy space, which can accommodate many people, but again succeeds to keep privacy for […]

In the center of the city, on the main street of Ferhadija, there is a small confectionery that, since 1949, is the sweetest symbol of Sarajevo. They sell a variety of cakes, but they are mostly proud of is vanilla ice cream. Imagine now the taste of vanilla ice cream. You have?! Well, that’s not […]

Bosnian cuisine is based on various combinations of vegetables and meat, almost always cooked. The preparation of food is characterized by slow preparation with no hurry, which allow ingredients to gradually liberate tastes, and create unity in a meal. Through this kind of preparation, it is very important for tastes to unite together but to […]

Sarajevo Food Dictionary – research mode ON! Every week we will write about most popular and delicious meals in Sarajevo! Many would say that it does not make any sense to order fish dishes in the center of Sarajevo, but those who ate in Boccone are positive that this may be the best option for […]

While staying in Sarajevo, tasting the best traditional food is something you shouldn’t miss. Join us on a quick tour, visit cult locations and try best traditional food at beautiful Baščaršija. Your very personal local food guide! Somun We start our tour at the cult bakery Pekara Poričanin which story begins back in 1923. Get […]

For today’s iftar Sarajevo Food Dictionary is offering you recipes for following dishes: – Bey’s soup – Cheese pie – Tufahije Bey’s soup Ingredients: (5 persons) 50 dag chicken meat 10 dag carrots 5 dag celery 5 dag of parsley root 10 dag bamya 2 dag rice 2 dl of sour cream 3 egg yolks […]

Sarajevo Food Dictionary takes this opportunity to wish a peaceful and fulfilling holiday to its followers who will mark the upcoming month of Ramadan. 

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