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Where to go in the city to try a tasty pasta just as Italians can make, enriched with delicious fresh shrimps? The Sarajevo Food Dictionary pointed out such a place through its recommendations. It’s BarSa’s restaurant right in the centre of a town. A very nicely decorated restaurant with large portals and menu that catch […]

The original falafel came from the broad bean. But today, falafel is the second most famous dish made of chickpeas. First is humus. This vegetarian specialty provides its roots deep in the past. In Israel and Lebanon, it is considered a national dish. There is a story that was invented by the Egyptians, 1000 years […]

When some stranger asks what klepe are, it is simply explained that they are Bosnian ravioli. The main difference between ravioli and klepe is that dough for klepe is softer, they are cut in different way ​​and otherwise folded. But for the first aid in explaining ravioli are a great synonym. The one who knew […]

Everyone likes maslenica, because all of the ingredients that make maslenica are lovable and tasty, so combination of them can only make the dish more supreme. Pizza dough, chicken, cheese, mushrooms and sauce are the basic components of this phenomenal dish. You can find maslenica in various places everywhere in Sarajevo, but the Sarajevo Food […]

Salad has been served for a long time as an side dish with the main dish. It is an amazing source of vitamin due to raw vegetables, which is the main ingredient of salads generally. As the salad is a part of a meal usually the richest in vitamins and good calories, it was quite […]

In a  confectionery in Strossmayer Street you can find unbelievable cakes that will surely catch your eye by the way they look and taste. The cake that especially attracts attention is the chocolate crust. A round chocolate tart, filled with chocolate cream, which is so full of taste and it looks incredible. It is decorated […]

Sarajevo abounds with pie shops. You just have to pass not only Čaršija, as an old part of Sarajevo, where you can find stores of traditional food, but to any part of the city and you will periodically smell the pie. The truth is such, pie is a part of everyday life of all who […]

Sarajevo is a city of sweet recipes, year after year new patisserie are opened and they offer different and new desserts both in appearance and taste. The choice was never bigger and we’re glad about it. But there is something in classical recipes and cakes, as if they are wearing some trace of tradition and […]

At the border of the two historic stages presented by buildings, there is Hotel Europe. It is one of the famous Sarajevo buildings. As a part of the hotel there is the Viennese cafe that is incredible. When you decide to visit it feels like you came back to past, you are watching the present […]

Since childhood, we are taught that breakfast is the most important meal in the day, and there is something in that ritual in the morning, as if those foods we eat have a direct impact on the productivity of that day. Many restaurants offer a breakfasts, but one specially stands out with its offer. Revolucija […]

Although in the city center, Luka Sarajevo has its own privacy and peace in which you always want to return to. The space is fulfilled with domestic seafood kitchen smells, so you at first smell you know you did not make mistake by coming here. As soon as you enter this place you will immediately […]

Although known by cakes, Mrvica offers a wide range of bakery products, which with their appearance, smell and taste are high on the list of other bakery products which can be found in other bakeries in Sarajevo. Donuts from Mrvica will be especially respected by those who have ever come in life in face with […]

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