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In this edition of the SFD presents to you, we will continue the story of the microgreens, namely micro-broccoli and their health benefits. Because of its high content of antioxidants, microgreens are considered to be functional food, food that promotes health and prevents diseases. Consuming all kinds of herbal products is associated with a reduced […]

Homemade jams, sweet, syrups … The first association is the fall, the warmth of the home, the smell of grandma’s cake, pleasant memories, or at least pleasant feelings that overwhelm us. The processes that Kantar uses to make their products are in the first place traditional, and the fruits are long-boiled in their juices so […]

Microgreens appeared in the 1980s in restaurants in California. Their flavor is aromatic, they have concentrated nutrients, and come in various colors and textures. Colors are the main reason restaurants are so attracted to tem and ofcourse also because they give a phenomenal flavor to the dish – different colors of leaves and stems bring […]

Svakodnevnica je jedan dosta dinamičan splet aktivnosti. Od prevelikog niza obaveza i pretrpanosti potrebnim i nepotrebnim informacijama u većini slučajeva ne stižemo pravilno posložiti prioritete. Zatrpavajući dane velikom bukom, brzom hranom, ne-zdravljem, često dolazimo do zida, koji nas podsjeća da je jedini lijek priroda i ono što nam ona nudi. Ne shvatamo da su pauze […]

At this time of year, people are beginning to intensively think about spring, summer and all the benefits in matter of nutrition that these two sunny seasons bring. From the cold seasons. People come out in the deficit of many essential elements needed for a happy and healthy life. Microgreens veggies and herbs offer an […]

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