Sarajevo Food Dictionary is the first and only independent insider review of the culinary offer in Sarajevo.There is no paid ranking within the guide! No tourist rated reviews! Only the best Sarajevo food for you! The guide is translated in 4 languages, and all the information is available in English, Turkish, Arabic and Bosnian.

With a host of other information, the main part of the SFD is Gastro Alphabet, 85 alphabetically listed dishes, mostly traditional, a short description of each meal and top 3 places in Sarajevo where this particular dish can be tried.

The guide is designed as a quarterly edition and can be found in more than 60 attractive places in the city, that is, in the best hotels, hostels, restaurants and cafes, including hotels in the Olympic mountains of Jahorina and Bjelašnica, and catering facilities on Trebevic where everyone can get their free copy of Sarajevo Food Dictionary.

Our team works completely independently, and with the help of top culinary experts anonymously visits catering facilities from Baščaršija to Ilidža and evaluates the offer of Sarajevo restaurants.

Sarajevo Food Dictionary is constantly working on making the culinary offer in the city more accessible and interesting for its followers!