The Sarajevo Food Dictionary is the first and only independent gastro guide in Sarajevo. No buying ranked places! No tourist ratings! Only the best Sarajevo food for you! The guide is bilingual, and all the information in it is available in Bosnian and English.

Through each new issue we expand the scope of interest and try to give answers to our readers and followers even before they get that they have questions.

The Gastro alphabet has been expanded to over 100 dishes, where each dish is accompanied certain information, which will make the most of the visit to a specific location. Of course there is a description of the dishes as well as the three top locations where a particular dish is served. For you, we also discover new places and new restaurants.

Through an anonymous tour of restaurants, from Baščaršija to Ilidža, Sarajevo Food Dictionary provides to you a complete guide through Sarajevian food, all in order to make it easier for our readers to go through which-restaurant-to-visit dilemma or make a new recommendation for the premises. Interested? You can take your free copy from more than 60 attractive places (you can find the list of places on the site here).

But it is not the only task of SFD to help customers. We are here to strengthen the relationship between the restaurants and guests and to bring them to understand each other better.

The work on the mentioned relationship started through SFD events. This is about themed nights, which are organised every time in a different restaurant. Check out the atmosphere in our photo gallery. Sometimes the night was reserved for oriental food, sometimes game meat, and sometimes for pizza or beer snacks. Yours is just to follow our website, Facebook or Instagram profile, find the SFD event you want to visit, book your place by sending an email to and get there with an empty stomach. Leave the rest to us.

With a hard work, we have managed to organize 3 phenomenal events each month, in beautiful locations, with exceptional menus. We try to offer you something new every time, something you cannot taste every day. This constant work on ourselves has been recognized by restaurants, as well as our readers and companions, and we have been awarded with a prestigious award for us – every event was sold out. Thank you for that.

Due to the experience gained, we have decided to expand our business to Sarajevo Food Creative. The guiding principle of this kind of concept is to help caterers as needed, either by designing a new offer, event or perhaps attracting new customers or in any way to improve their business. Sarajevo Food Creative is at the disposal of Sarajevo’s caterers for all new, creative, refreshing endeavours, and trust us we have a lot of ideas.