It’s time for Uštipak!

“In the 50s, small bakery, stationed in Bjelave, started with baking and delivering little fluffy dough called „uštipci“ (traditional Bosnian donuts). They were delivered in small sahans to stay hot and carried in knitted corns which are called „sepeti“. We could say that was the precursor of today’s delivery. As we had a great desire to continue the family tradition, we established „Uštipak”. The recipe from the 50s is carried through our family generation and is used today in our kitchen. Consequently, we combine traditional and modern cooking method. As we are aware of the struggle of people who do not tolerate gluten, we decided to add gluten free products to our offer. Therefore, we are the first and currently only ones, who have gluten free „uštipci“ in Sarajevo, as well as the only ones who make home delivery of this delicious donuts.

A portion of sweet gluten free donuts „uštipci“you get: 4 donuts filled with marmalade or chocolate and an edible nest filled with sweet toping.

Price: 4 KM

You can check the complete offer of Uštipak on their web page: