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Normally, I don’t blurt out news straight away in the first sentence, bis this time I have to: My husband and I moved from Sarajevo to South Africa! And what should I say… Moving in a pandemic was not so nice, moving from winter into summer is something super nice – I could get used […]

So, here’s the thing expats are sometimes shy to admit: Culture shock is real! Yes, I was in Bosnia a few times before, visiting. Yes, I thought I know what to expect. Oh, but let me tell you: I was wrong. And when I arrived there were a few things that I had my troubles […]

You know, us Germans, we love a good hearty stew or a roast meat as dinner during the long winter days. We love our red cabbage, and we love to sit together for long evening when it’s dark outside and there is nothing else to do. And I have always loved those foods. Until I […]

As much as you love your city, sometimes you need to get away for a bit – you know what I mean? Sometimes you just need to wake up in a new environment and leave the house not knowing what waits around the corner of the street, what the day will bring. I had my […]

Growing up in Germany, I grew up with a lot of pizza and pasta. And good one to say that. Not only because there are quite a few Italian people living in Germany but also because us Germans just love the Italian cuisine – and I am no exception. Add pizza to my go-to meals, […]

This is my third column so it’s time you get to know me a bit better. Let’s start with something easy, like my morning routine. It’s short and sweet actually, so don’t you worry, and it only consists of one word: coffee! Needless to say, that I have no shortage of nice places to get […]

When was the last time you went grocery shopping and you were not in a hurry but browsing the shelves, looking what your local Bingo has to offer? Yep, thought so. Nobody ever takes their time when they go grocery shopping, I have been the same back home. But when you are in a new […]

There are two things I learned first thing when I came to Sarajevo: This city has two football clubs, and you can only support one of them. Making the right choice here is vital. And: Every family has a designated Ćevabdžinica they go to. Be it Hodžić, Željo,  Ferhatović or Zmaj – you make your […]

When I first visited Sarajevo, it was not the culture, rich history and beautiful nature that struck me the most fascinating – it was all the smells of Baščaršija. The grilled meat, the fresh flatbread, the freshly ground coffee and the cooked paprika. The smells are the true soul of Sarajevo, they give the city character […]

Raw slastice i smothie napici svakim danom su sve popularnii i prisutniji te je prvi takav bar zanimljivog naziva John Lemon house otvoren prije nekoliko tjedana i u mom rodnom gradu, Čapljini. Sama ideja nastala je iz ljubavi prema miksanju različitih sastojaka, te isprobavanju okusa, a oboje ih je spojila ideja da iz Zagreba i […]

Ovotjedna reportaža nas vodi do Pješivac kule, malog mjesta u općini Stolac na imanje obitelji Džakula. Priča koju je ova obitelj pokrenula startala je prije više od 40 godina kada je Ivo Džakula krenuo sa sadnjom i proizvodnjom voća i povrća na na svom obiteljskom imanju. Prije nekoliko godina Ivo je preminuo, a tri kćerke […]

Ako ste ovog ljeta krenuli prema Jugu tražeći osvježenje i aktivan odmor onda sam sigurna da će vas put navesti i do Čapljine, ljepotice koja leži na čak 4 rijeke. Grle se i ljube tu Trebižat, Bregava, Krupa i Neretva na sebi svojstven način i napajaju plodna polja duž svojih obala. Da spomenute rijeke nisu […]

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